There comes a time in your life when you know that you’ve earned to have the best, when you wont settle for second. This is when we knew that Premiere Homes was for us. We had the ability unlike the big builders, to talk/ co-ordinate/ design, directly to the companies directors I’ll just let that sink in for a minute….

You have to ask yourself how many times have you said or heard your friends say I wont ever build again or I wont ever build again with that ….. builder. Not us if we build again we already know the person we will call upon to help us through what is meant to be a joyful.

There inside knowledge to improving a houses aspects and feeling is second to none, whatever you want can be done this is a company that does not have the words cant, impossible and no in there vocabulary. Do yourself a favour do your kids a favour do your life a reward you’ll forever be grateful for engage with premiere homes even before you buy a block of land to start the process they wont let you down. They didn’t for us.


Adam Woodage, Dawesville