From day 1 we have felt like a part of the team.  We feel like we built our home with Premiere homes rather than Premiere Homes built our home.  What started out as little squares glued onto paper has turned into a reality.  To be able to walk around the house and to really feel like such a part of the process, every wall, every door is there because we put it there.


We had a building inspector throughout the build and the feedback we received from him confirmed what we already knew Premiere Homes goes above and beyond the minimum requirements and builds a quality home.


One of the things that really stood out at Premiere Homes was value for money we upgraded a lot of items and every item was reasonable and most importantly the price was justifiable.  From last minute changes to ensuring minor issues were resolved, Premiere Homes always ensured that our home was built exactly how we wanted it built.


The build from start to finish has been an amazing journey and at the end of our journey we can proudly say we built our home with Premiere Homes.

Mario & Karina Taddei, Landsdale